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Fashion shows are a fun and creative way of highlighting what is going on in the fashion industry. There is a lot to consider, so planning is crucial. 

Organizing a fashion show can be time-consuming and there is a great deal of hard work involved. Hard work is essential to achieve good results, and this is our first priority.

Our longtime goal has been to create a Fashion show that incorporates the creativity, commercial ambitions and above all the essence of each brand through our platform.

Fashion Conventions International offers a unique free of charge platform for business relations to emerge in a professional way connecting retailers and fashion brands.

Our innovative way of blending fashion, art and music in one event will benefit the fashion industry in providing synergy between vastly different aspects of fashion.

By appointing a professional Jury, accepted both by the Top Fashion Brands and the exclusive fashion stores, the brands will gain the recognition they deserve and need, to succeed in a fiercely competitive climate. According to our market analysis, this is exactly what is missing within the current formats of fashion presentation.

To create a sustainable fashion show we make sure that the demands from the retailers are our first priority.

So what is wrong in the Norwegian Fashion Industry?

Norwegian Fashion industry is struggling; The ongoing Fashion Shows are not reflecting the whole market. Both retailers in the luxury market and several fashion brands are no-shows. On top of that industry is pivoting toward a massive disparity between Big international brands and homegrown smaller designers, which is creating a chilling effect on newer designers who find the market being increasingly monopolized by fash fashion and bigger brands.

How come?

Jhan-Carlo Ferrando, a designer himself, who founded Carlo Ferrando Fashion AS, 11. mai. 2013, labeled as Fashion Conventions International (FCI), predicted this shift, decided to perform a market analysis. His key findings were:

From the retailers’ perspective:

• Lack of knowledge of the various newer brands

• Lack of recognition of the brands concerning quality, delivery and production – capability

From the Fashion Brands’ perspective: 

• Cash was King – Cash constraints prohibited participation on the Fashion Shows 

• Lack of exposure in the market led to the market pivoting away from the smaller brands who in turn tried to move to international markets without any comprehensive understanding of the international markets. 

Conclusion: The Fashion shows did not reflect the whole market; neither from the retailers’ nor from the Fashion brands’ perspective. The Fashion Brands had no other options than to participate in international fashion shows even if they lacked the in-depth knowledge of the competitive world of the Fashion industry

Fashion Conventions International is the new solution to the market;  Satisfying both the designers and retailers’ needs.

So, how are we going to do it?

Enabling broader networking opportunities potentially leading to a higher level of competence and comprehension of the the market 

Creating a professional platform that meets the buyers’ requirements with regard to commercial procurement

Increase the visibility of designers by giving top 4 fashion brands everything for free.

Merge the presentation (catwalk) and fashion fair (showrooms) all under one roof.


Improving the model industry into a healthy standard; both concerning physical health and working conditions such as wages, jobs, education and benefits.


Having a Jury to select the best brands according to criteria acknowledged by the retailers relevant in a sales perspective

Limiting invitations only to retailers, professionals, and partners as guests will ensure that the value chain.


The media and the fashion industry have mutually beneficial relationship; the right media coverage is essential for the industry as it is equally important for the media due to the newsworthiness  

Making the show relevant to the media for the right reasons, we will limit the number of artists, to only those complementary to the fashion showcased on the runway. Hence opening up a window of opportunity also for sponsors in a sustainable manner. 


Our Jury guarantees the quality of the brands concerning production facilities, product finish, delivery capacity and working environment to the retailers, hence limiting the worries and risks and tempt their willingness to participate in the event.

Our Team

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